We are a forum for self-directed learning covering climate change and resilience training. Located in Alberta, we are THE source for learning about climate assessment in Canada.

NodelWorks is the training platform of Nodelcorp Consulting Inc. 

Offerings ...

We offer a range of free and premium courses and downloadable digital content. 

We focus on climate change risk and vulnerability.  

Our training is designed to prepare you for the real world of climate resilience and risk assessment. 

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Free Course

F19-04: How To Understand Each Other in Climate Resilience Work

This is a free micro-course!

In this session we examine the consequences of words and how language use affects our climate resilience work.

F19-03: Looking at the Positive Side of Climate Uncertainty

This is a free micro-course!

In this session, you will learn how to look for the positive side of climate change risk.

F19-02: Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Right Climate Assessment Tool

This is a free micro-course!

In this session, Joel provides some tips and tricks to guide you in selecting the right climate assessment too

F19-01: Thinking, Feeling and Climate Change

This is a free micro-course!

In this session, you will learn how emotions cloud the way we approach discussions about climate change.

Free Download

Digital Download - Chapter 4 - Climate Risks & Adaptation Practices on Transportation

We were co-authors with the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation of the BC Chapter (4) of this National report by NRCan.

Digital Download - Climate Risk and Adaption Practices - Canadian Transportation Sector 2016

This is the complete document on addressing climate impacts on transportation in Canada published by Natural Resources Canada.

Digital Download - Infrastructure and Buildings - Climate Change Adaptation State of Play

NCI are subject matter experts of this detailed analysis on the state of Canadian CC adaptation practice for a broad range of infrastructure

Digital Download - Our Climate Language Primer

We wrote this primer document to help engineers and climate specialists communicate about climate and weather issues. 

Digital Download - PIEVC Engineering Protocol - Principles and Guidelines 2016

Nodelcorp are the principal authors of the PIEVC Protocol.  This is the most recent Guidance Document. 

Digital Download - Consultants must respond to climate change impacts

We co-authored this paper with Roger Rempel. This was published in the April 2105 edition of Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine

Digital Download - Principles of Climate Change Adaptation for Engineers

Nodelcorp  the principal authors of this National Guideline - directis engineering professionals in integrating climate change CC resiliency

Digital Download - Considerations for Addressing Climate Change Adaptation for Transportation Infrastructure Management, Design, Operation and Maintenance in British Columbia - 2014

Nodelcorp authored this Best Practices Document in partnership with the BC Department of Transportation.

Digital Download - Review and Analysis of Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments of Canadian Water Management and Drainage Infrastructure

Nodelcorp conducted the Review and Analysis in this report as subject matter experts and authors, in partnership with the BC MOTI

Digital Download - Climate Change Engineering Vulnerability Assessment - Yellowhead Highway

Nodelcorp conducted this Climate Change Engineering Assessments in partnership with the British Columbia Department of Transportation

Digital Download - Climate Change Engineering Vulnerability Assessment - Coquihalla Highway (BC Hwy 5) Between Nicolum River and Dry Gulch

Nodelcorp conducted this PIEVC engineering assessment for this highway segment as part of a long-term project in partnership with BCMOT

Our Instructors ...

Joan and Joel Nodelman are the principals of Nodelcorp Consulting Inc. The offer professional services in climate risk and resiliency.

We are proud to share their insights with you through NodelWorks!

Joel Nodelman, P.Eng., CRM

Joel Nodelman is an engineering and risk management specialist with over forty years of professional practice. Over his career, Joel’s primary mission was environmental responsibility and sustainable development. He promoted these strategies in the design, operation, and management of complex engineered systems and organizational structures. He brings this focus to his consulting practice and courses, offering pragmatic approaches to address climate change risk.

A graduate of Queen’s University with degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Joel is a Professional Engineer, registered with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geophysicists of Alberta. Joel holds a Canadian Risk Management (CRM) professional designation from the Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI).

Joan Nodelman, MBA, CRM

Joan is a specialist in governance, education, and risk management with over forty years of professional practice. Over her career, Joan’s primary focus was promoting effective consultation, team-work, and management systems. She brings this focus to her consulting practice, working with client teams to identify pragmatic, workable, approaches to address complex problems. She has the unique ability to draw diverse and sometimes fractious groups together to achieve consensus.

Joan holds a degree in biology from the University of Toronto. She also has degrees from Queen’s University in education and business administration. Joan holds a Canadian Risk Management (CRM) professional designation from the Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI).

Nodelcorp Consulting Inc.

We offer professional service in risk assessment, climate resiliency, governance, and sustainable development.

We provide specialized services in engineering analysis, communication, education and the development of public and corporate policy.  Our focus is on sustainable development and its application to evolving issues such as climate change adaptation and management.  We facilitate technical and social analysis to develop meaningful and pragmatic approaches to solving complex problems.